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Howzahelpa is here to help people help each other! There are many people who live in larger houses with a spare room but who could do with a bit of help in their lives, whether it’s housework, childcare or a bit of gardening.  Equally there are many people who could really do with saving some money on rent. This site aims to bring you together so that everyone can benefit from the sharing economy. It costs a small fee to place an advert but to respond to one is absolutely free. Have a look through our current adverts for both Howzas and Helpas and see if you can make a connection to make both your lives easier!

Become a Howza

Do you have spare room but need some help? Howzahelpa might be the perfect solution. For the price of a few cups of coffee you can put up an advert and find someone to give you a hand in return for a spare room!

It’s free to respond to any advert on our site so if you are looking for someone to live with you and help, have a look through our Helpa ads too.

Become a Helpa

Do you need to save money on rent? If you don’twish to spend so much of your income on rent then becoming a Helpa might be the perfect solution. By volunteering your  time to someone who needs help for a few hours a week, you can find somewhere to live rent free.

It costs only a few pounds to put an advert on our site and it’s free to respond to ads that are already up there so have a look through and see if you can find what you’re looking for!

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Cost effective student living

Check for Howzas in your University City.

Do you have a spare room and need help?

Check for Helpas in your area.

Tips for finding the perfect Howza or Helpa


When you add your advert, think about what kind of space you have to offer and describe in your ad what your household is like. What kind of help do you need and how involved will your Helpa need to be in your life? If you need help at specific times, be sure to mention it, and include lots of pictures of your room and house on the advert to give people a clear idea of what it’s like.


When you put up an advert, think about what skills you have to offer. Can you cook, clean, look after kids? Are you a brilliant gardener or a fabulous DIY-er? Do you love dogs? Any hobbies or interests that you write about will help a potential Howza find out more about you. If you are a student, what are you studying? The more information you put onto your advert, the better.

What our Howzas & Helpas have to say

  • We just swapped board and lodgings for help. It was very successful and I’d recommend it to anyone, it took a lot of the stress out of our lives.

    Shona, Howza
    Shona, Howza
  • I could save money for the rent of a room and food and I was able to live with an English speaking family which helped me to improve my English a lot.

    Hannah, Helpa
    Hannah, Helpa

Get the answers to your questions

If you are thinking of being a Howza or a Helpa then we bet you’ve probably got loads of questions! We are not an agency and we don’t give out legal advice, but we can give you some hints and tips about making the most of your experience as a Howza or a Helpa.

Shona from Howzahelpa

Our story

Howzahelpa was set up by two busy working mums who realised that having a helpa had really changed their lives for the better. You can read all about Shona and Nancy on our blog.

Nancy from Howzahelpa