All about Howzahelpa

Howzahelpa has been developed to bring people together and help them to find a mutually beneficial living arrangement. For one party there is free accommodation on offer and for the other party there is the valuable addition of someone to help in the home at no cost.

Everyone needs help with something, whether it’s helping with the school run, taking care of a pet when work hours are long, cleaning the house whilst you are busy in your job, or weeding the garden for you to enjoy after a hard day. Instead of employing multiple people to carry out these tasks, why not have all these jobs done in exchange for that spare room sitting empty on the end of your hall? You know the room where the cross-trainer you bought years ago and never used, collects dust, and the office chair that you meant to fix a while back sits forgotten.

You need somewhere to stay and don’t have the necessary spare cash to pay rent? You don’t want to live alone, but neither do you want to live in a chaotic multiple occupancy house share. There must be a better way to live? Why not offer your support to people in need of help? With a bit of cleaning, a few hours of childcare or some regular gardening your rent might just as well pay itself.

On our website, you can browse ads of potential Howzas and Helpas or put an ad online yourself, looking for that one person who could make your life that much easier.
Offer your spare room in exchange for previously agreed hours of work around your house and garden and welcome a new member of your household, for as long you agree. No money needs to change hands and the benefits for both parties are enormous. With the key ingredients of respect, polite and clear communication and the mutual understanding that this is a voluntary arrangement, you may discover a new way to live.

Happy Howza-helpa hunting!