What does Howzahelpa do?

Howzahelpa is here as a classifieds site. We allow users to create accounts and to post adverts in order to find each other. We are not an agency and we can’t take responsibility for the content of adverts or the arrangement that you may make with a Howza or a Helpa.

How does the site work?

The site works by showing adverts from Howzas or Helpas and you can search for those adverts by postcode area or by the skill you can offer or what you’re looking for. If you want to respond to an advert you can send that person a message. Howzahelpa doesn’t take responsibility for what you agree to if you set up a Howzahelpa arrangement – that’s up to you.

What is a Helpa?

A Helpa is the person that moves into your spare room and helps you out around the house. Possible help they could provide might include: housework, childcare, gardening, dog walking, house sitting.  Whatever the Howza and Helpa agree between themselves.  It is a voluntary role and the Howza will provide free or low cost accommodation.  Sometimes food and bills may also be included in the agreement.

What is a Howza?

Howzas are individuals, couples or families, who provide their Helpa with lodgings in exchange for help at home.  The type of work will depend on what the Howza and the Helpa agree in advance.  Examples could be house-sitting, cooking, odd jobs around the house or simply just being around so that a lonely person has some company.

How do I know if a Howza or a Helpa is right for me?

If you get an answer to your advert, read through and have a think about whether the person sounds like the right fit for you. You may want to wait for a while to see if you get any other answers, and it might be sensible to think up some specific questions that you’d like to ask. Setting up a video chat is a great way of getting to know your Howza or Helpa if they aren’t local, and you can chat through what you’re both looking to gain from the arrangement.

Make sure that you have honestly and fully given all the information that you can about you and your circumstances so that there are no nasty shocks further down the road – so, if you are a household of carnivores, don’t forget to tell your vegan applicant, for example!

We can’t take responsibility for your arrangements but we think that with honesty, common sense and generosity, some fantastic Howzahelpa relationships can be forged.

What’s the best way of making a Howzahelpa arrangement?

We aren’t an agency so we don’t supply legal documentation, nor do we give advice about your domestic set up. However, there are a few practical, down to earth steps that we think will make for a happy Howzahelpa arrangement.

  • Consider drawing up a written document that agrees what the Helpa will do and for how many hours each week.
  • Also state on your document what the Helpa is welcome to do or use (or not) within the Howza’s household. This may include things like smoking, pets and diet – if you are meat-free household, for instance, you may want to make this clear in writing.
  • If there is a duration to your stay then make this clear at the beginning, especially if your Helpa has to move out at a certain point
  • We would recommend that you have a monthly Howzahelpa review – sit down and have a brew and talk through how things are working out
  • If any disputes arise then they are best dealt with quickly so if either of you aren’t happy, don’t let things fester! Much better to talk it through and make sure that you are both happy with the arrangement
  • If you want to set up some kind of volunteer agreement you can. Citizen’s Advice is a good source of information but note that Howzahelpa is a new concept, so there is little in the way of guidance about legal rights on the subject, which is why we would recommend that you try as hard as you can to keep your Howzahelpa relationship open and honest.

I’m having problems creating my advert

If the website isn’t taking your advert please check the following;

  • Have you registered? You can do that by clicking ‘get registered’ on the homepage.
  • Have you paid for a plan?
  • Have you checked the box at the bottom of the advert before pressing ‘submit’?

If you get stuck, we’re here to help. Please just contact us, and we’ll give you a hand.

I want to edit my advert

You can edit your advert at any time by logging into your account on the website and editing your current advert by clicking on the black ‘edit’ button on the right hand side.

I want to cancel or delete my advert

If you have found your Howza or Helpa and want to cancel your advert, you can do so by logging into your account, going to your advert and selecting the ‘delete’ button. Please note that if you delete an advert then it will be gone, so if you want to put it back up again you’ll need to recreate it from scratch.

I want to extend the length of my advert beyond 30 days

If your ad is coming to an end and you want to extend it, log in and purchase a new pricing plan. You can then edit your advert and at the very bottom you can select which pricing plan you want to use for the advert and you can choose the new one, which will extend the advert without you losing it.

My address is not showing up on the Google Map on my advert

Occasionally the postcode fairies of Google will not pick up a postcode when you enter your address in the ‘address’ box. this is something that we are working to fix. In the meantime please make sure that you have entered your postcode prefix and have entered the name of the place where you live in the relevant boxes so that we can give searchers a guide to where you are located (either howza or helpa) and so people searching for you will be able to find you easily.

What’s the best way for people to find me?

When you create an advert we will ask you to add in some tags which are key words, including your postcode if you are a Howza. These tags will be important when people are searching for a Howza or Helpa so it’s important that you get the right tags added into your advert. Think about the things that are important to you within your advert. For example, if you are a Howza you’ll want to add your postcode, and then some descriptive words about your home – maybe ‘family’ or ‘double room’ or ‘vegetarian’ if those things are relevant to you. You’ll also want to add in some tags about what you’re looking for, such as ‘housework’ or ‘babysitting’ or ‘gardening’ so that people can find you if they search for these terms. Your location is also important so if you live in London you might want to add ‘North London’ or ‘NW5’ or ‘Tufnell Park’ so that you can be found for each of those search terms.

If you are a helpa then again, you need to think about including tags that people might be searching for. ‘English speaking’ or ‘Spanish’ or ‘French’ might help a Howza who might be looking for a certain language, or if you have a specific skill such as ‘cooking’ or ‘gardening’ then add this in too.  The more tags that you add in, the better, as you’ll stand the best possible chance of being found.