How does Howzahelpa work?

Howzahelpa is a website that helps people to find a place to live in return for helping out, or helps people with a spare room to find someone to come and live with them rent-free but in return for helping out for a set number of hours each week.

The idea is that lots of people can’t afford high rents and lots of people have a spare room and would like a bit of help, so Howzahelpa is here to put you in touch!

The site is essentially a classifieds site – you pay a small amount to put an ad up for one, two or three months, telling everyone all about you and your skills (Helpas) or if you are a Howza, all about your house and what kind of help you need.

We hope that it will work as a starting point for you to make new connections and find each other. The small charge that we make for the adverts is so that we can run the site efficiently and answer your questions and queries.

We aren’t an agency and we don’t provide legal advice or agreements for people but you can find links to helpful information on our FAQs page. So, if you need help or have any questions then please start there and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can contact us via our contact form or at

How to create the perfect advert on Howzahelpa
Step 1: Register with Howzahelpa or login to your account
Step 2: Once you've logged into your account, buy a pricing plan
Step 4: Wait for some responses, have a look at other people's adverts
Step 5: Feel free to update your advert at any time